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We offer consultation and hands-on collaboration for entrepreneurs, solo founders, startups, and small organizations.

About us

How we make businesses succeed

We are a small company ourselves and we love to see other small businesses succeed. What drives us is the spirit and passion to solve problems. And so do our clients. Being aware that companies of small size cannot be good at everything, we supplement the missing parts.


A successful business needs more than just a great idea and the best execution of it. Think about Instagram. Whether has it been the first nor the best photo-sharing platform when it started.

Oliver Parker

CEO Founderathome

Our passion

How we make success happen

With extremely passionate experts for product, development, marketing, sales, and business administration we enable our clients to achieve challenging business goals quickly. From our experience, we know what works and what doesn't. This way our clients take shortcuts to success and avoid time and cost intense mistakes.

Join the club of our happy clients when you are a...

  • Future founder with an idea
  • Entrepreneur of a small business
  • Manager of an early stage startup
  • Manager of a fast growing company
  • Manager of a company facing a digital change process

Getting started

What we do to help you succeed

In an initial consultation session, we onboard to your goals and identify your biggest pain points that block you from achieving them. Based on this, together we create an actionable plan that everyone keeps themself accountable for. Our mission is accomplished when the goal is achieved.

Areas where we shine

  • Product Development
  • Customer Success
  • Software Tools
  • Marketing
  • Sales

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